This program can be run 128 times before updating hardware

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This program can be run 128 times before updating hardware

But if we only change the MCU PINs as used in our Hardware and program the Hardware MCU with same program, application runs to certain point and than hang.

(Only with different PIN usage) The problem is that if we run this program with the PIN used for CY8CKIT-050, it runs smoothly and complete every task as desired with no problem at all.

Here are the various methods by which you can find out if your processor supports CMPXCHG16b Instruction or not.

CPU-Z – CPU-Z is a widely popular and well known CPU info tool that can tell you the complete details of your current CPU / Processor, Motherboard details and memory details.

This is a workaround and not a proper fix but some users have pretty good success with it.

writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU to the Intel Core i7 7700k processor which is very fast!

It can tell you about the mapping between logical processors and the physical processor, NUMA node, and socket on which they reside, as well as the cache’s assigned to each logical processor.

The Error will read as “You can’t install Windows 10 because your processor doesn’t support Compare Exchange128”.

You can type the following search query in the Google for this: CMPXCHG16b Here are the various fix and top solutions for resolving Compare Exchange128 / CMPXCHG16b error on your computer when installing 64-bit version of Windows 10. Use Windows 10 Creation Media Program and choose Create installation media for another PC.

The first thing to do when you encounter this Compare Exchange128 / CMPXCHG16b Error is to update or flash your BIOS to the latest one. ROM file) from your motherboard’s manufacturer website and then follow the instructions given in your motherboard manual to update/flash the BIOS. You will need an empty DVD or USB Flash Drive for this. After this perform a clean install of Windows 10 and skip the step where it asks you to enter the serial number. After the Installation is complete you will have Windows 10 64-bit running on your PC which is fully activated.

If still no ransom paid, files are reportedly deleted.

From a technical perspective, it makes sense that Microsoft is pushing users to use Windows 10 because it is by far the most robust and most secure Windows operating system to date.

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