The dating game hollywood squares the

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The dating game hollywood squares the

Each correct answer earns players a square on the board, and the first to mark three squares in a row wins the game.With a multiplayer mode played on one PS3™ or online through the Play Station®Network it's never been so much fun to play "tic tac toe" with Hollywood stars!People tried new things such as Disco, big hair, bellbottoms, "The Breakfast Club," and Billy Idol. The act with the highest panel rating was the winner of a check in the amount 6.32. "The Dating Game" had been on the air since 1965, but didn't really make its mark on the game show world until the mid-70's. the world famous "Gong Show." The "Gong Show" began in June 1976, and was hosted by Chuck Barris.Contestants facing a wide range of trivia questions will seek help from the performers to try and discover clues about the correct answers.The show has lined up personality Nick Cannon; crew member Bam Margera; actress Kat Graham; artist DJ Khaled; rappers Biz Markie, Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Mac Miller and MGK; Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley and others to fill the squares.

One of the most successful game shows of the 70's was the "Match Game." This show had two contestants squaring off against each other by answering fill-in-the-blank questions." The stars would then write down their responses and the contestant would give an answer.If the contestant matched the star, he or she would receive one point.The winner would proceed to the bonus round with a chance to win up to ,000 (later on, it became ,000). " "Press Your Luck" combined trivia and flashing lights to create an 80's classic.With the 80's, came numerous other attempts to please the public in their quest for quick cash and prizes. Three contestants answered questions for "spins" on the big board, which contained lots of money and prizes.

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The catch was the "correct" answers were supplied by a panel of 6 celebrities.