Ssrs linked reports not updating

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Ssrs linked reports not updating

or a Period selection table and measures that utilize the period selection (i.e. Filter the dashboard utilizing the calculated columns or the Period selector and pin those visuals to your dashboard.

This makes sense as you are able to have tiles from different reports that do not share filters.

I will add a quick posting to show a couple of options on how to work around this “issue”.

Pro(s): standard chart, looks like a standard card Con(s): the bar would only look transparent if your background is a solid color, requires re-sizing for larger data labels Customization: add the KPI, add the attribute you want to slice by on the axis, use visual filters if necessary, turn off x and y axis, turn bar color to the same color as your background color, turn on data labels with placement centered inside of bar In one of my many communication channels, there was a question posed related to the ability to add Power BI dashboard filters in order to filter Power BI dashboard tiles.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Data Visualizations with Power BI in Excel 2013 Same comments as above.

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I pin the top combo chart to my dashboard unfiltered.

I cross-filter for reseller sales, pin the resulting visual to my dashboard, cross-filter for internet sales, and pin the resulting visual to my dashboard.

Too many people stop when they cannot find the answer they were looking for.

Create calculated columns on your calendar table that flag your required date periods – i.e.

‘Current Day’, ‘Current Month’, ‘Current Quarter’, ‘Current Year’, etc.

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However, design the report page specifically for a dashboard tile.