Sql server updating existing xml data using replace function cassie ventura dating ryan leslie

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One more important thing to tell,they(QA) can run the script 'n'- number of times and the script should not give any problem.

The solution is surprisingly simple, thanks to My SQL: UPDATE xoops_bb_posts_text SET post_text=( REPLACE (post_text, 'morphix.sourceforge.net', ' the string function REPLACE, all items in the post_text column with 'morphix.sourceforge.net' get this substring replaced by '

Ideal when writing a script is just too much effort.

The problem is that this column is now an XML data type and the use of REPLACE is illegal. Update the data in the "Email" column to the correct format and then convert the column to an XML data type.

This can be achieved in one SQL batch statement but we need to execute it as dynamic SQL so that SQL Server will only try to execute the REPLACE statement when the "Email" column is a varchar data type.

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/*********************************************************************** Purpose: To change the Email column from Varchar Type To Xml Type and convert the existing records from varchar to xml types. Create a new Column by the name Email_Temp of type XML into the Employee Table 2. Rename Email_Temp column to Email ***********************************************************************/--===== Create Email_Temp column of type xml into the Employee table IF NOT EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.columns WHERE table_name = 'Employee' AND column_name = 'Email_Temp')BEGIN ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Employee] ADD Email_Temp XML NULLENDGO--===== Copy the Email contents from Email to Email_Temp column -- after proper conversion to xml type UPDATE [dbo].[Employee]SET Email_Temp = CAST(' All of this works the first time.