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He was so close to the late Scouser he delivered the eulogy at her funeral.

The legendary British presenter Cilla passed away in August 2015, having suffered a stroke following a fall in her Spanish villa.

Here is everything you need to know about the show's Christmas special...

After amputation of his crushed toes, he developed a tetanus infection which left him incapacitated and soon resulted in his death in 1869, not long after he had placed his 32-year-old son Washington Roebling in charge of the project.“I can’t wait to see if we can find love.” Cilla quit in 2003 after ratings of the show, which ran for 373 episodes, fell to less than 3 million viewers.61 year old Paul is widely renowned for his TV work including stints on Blankety Blank, The Paul O' Grady show and most recently For the Love of Dogs.As Chief Engineer, Roebling supervised the entire project from his apartment with a view of the work, designing and redesigning caissons and other equipment.He was aided by his wife Emily Warren Roebling, who provided the critical written link between her husband and the engineers on site.

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