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Crystals of FEM-2 were grown at 18 °C by mixing an equal volume of the protein (20 mg/ml) with reservoir solution containing 28% PEG400, 0.2 Na I for 30 s and flash-frozen in the cold nitrogen stream.

Single-wavelength anomalous dispersion data were collected at 100 K using a MAResearch M165 CCD detector at the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

Further processing was carried out using programs from the CCP4 suite (Collaborative Computational Project) (27).

CC1/2 was used to determine the high resolution limit of the diffraction data (11).

Structural and functional analyses demonstrated that the NTD did not directly regulate the dephosphorylation activity of FEM-2, but instead functioned as a scaffold domain in the assembly of the FEM-1/2/3 complex, the executioner in the final step of the sex determination pathway.

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Interestingly, genetic studies have indicated indispensable roles for both of these two domains of FEM-2 in promoting male development, but the underlying mechanism remains unknown.

In the present study, we solved the crystal structure of full-length FEM-2, which revealed a novel structural fold formed by its NTD.

Distinct from classical PP2Cs, FEM-2 harbors an additional large N-terminal domain with no sequence similarity to any other domains known to date (9). Here, we report the crystal structure of FEM-2 and reveal that although the C-terminal domain of FEM-2 has a similar structure as several other PP2C-containing proteins, its N-terminal domain displays a new structural fold.

Biochemical studies suggested that the N-terminal domain does not directly regulate the dephosphorylation activity of FEM-2, but instead functions as a scaffold motif in the assembly of FEM-1/2/3 complex, the central component in the sex determination pathway.

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Homozygous mutant alleles of these genes could cause feminization of the animal (7).