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By the time the song ended I knew I wanted her to be my wife.

She stopped treatment just before the surgery and became Brad again.

Back then she didn't wear a lot of make-up, didn't need to and still doesn't today, except when she decides to look slutty for sexual reasons I'll explain later.

We have been married for 42 years and have a close, loving relationship. I am 5 years older than Elise and we have recently retired.

We live in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area and have a small but close-knit group of friends.

It all sounds rather normal so far; boy meets girl -- they fall in love -- marry and live happily ever after but there is one aspect of our life that most of our friends are unaware of.

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She was talking with friend and I was immediately attracted to her very short, tight, mini skirt and high heels that accentuated her lovely rear end and legs.