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He said his friend was a pagan and practices "ancestor worship." Brookins said he was particularly passionate in his opposition to monotheism, the belief that there is only one god.

Nobody answered the door Saturday afternoon at what is believed to be Christian's home, a two-story house on the corner of North Albina and Morgan.

"I thought, this guy is having a psychotic break." Another video of the event shows Christian, standing in a Burger King parking lot and wrapped in a Revolutionary War-era American flag, casting Nazi salutes while shouting: "Die Muslims! "We will look at all avenues working with our local partners.

" Federal prosecutors are in contact with the FBI and local law enforcement to consider whether hate crime or civil rights charges may be added against Christian, Oregon's U. We just need to let the investigation progress.'' Portland police chief Mike Marshman sent a note to Muslim community leaders assuring them that investigators were working on the case and adding, "With Ramadan beginning this evening, please know that the Portland Police Bureau stands by your side and will have extra police patrols for you." Portland police spokesman Sgt.

The robbery at Ed's Market, a convenience store at North Lombard Street and Vancouver Avenue, occurred shortly after the store's 10 p.m. Owner Bob Sung said at the time he was staying late to finish paperwork when a man walked in wearing a black ski mask, with openings cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth.

He looked around the store to see whether anyone else was inside and then walked out. I know all the customers' faces," Sung told The Oregonian at the time. But then he walked back in." North Precinct Officer Chris Devlin fired three shots as he was chasing Christian, striking him in his cheek.

Christian was an extremely loyal friend, but also someone who needed mental health care, Moon said. "When the metal music community turned him away the alt right community was like a safe space for him to express his anger," Leach wrote in a Facebook message.He posted an Oregon Live video of the event to his Facebook page, referencing himself as "the Lizard King" as he walked among fellow protesters holding American flags and "Trump Make America Great Again" flags."Nobody likes me," Christian wrote when he shared the video.On his Facebook page, Christian has spoken of his Nazi sympathies and posted a picture of Adolf Hitler in an album he called "Good Stuff." The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, said his posts reflected "an individual all over the political spectrum but indicates that he holds some racist and other extremist beliefs." In one post, he says: "I want a job in Norway cutting off the heads of people that Circumcize Babies.... " In March, he told someone on Facebook: "Since you brought up Violence I'm gonna stab some masked up bitchs protesting Black Metal shows as soon as they touch me." Last December, he posted a photo of the Jonestown Massacre, saying, "I hold Revolutionary Suicide in the Highest Esteem!!!" Christian's friends on Facebook unfollowed him throughout the day Saturday. Christian was a participant in the April 29 "March for Free Speech" on 82 Avenue in Montavilla.

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Pete Simpson said Saturday morning that "certainly the detectives will be looking into his background." Detectives know about his behavior at the April march, Simpson said.