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On line chat rooms nude male srilanka

Coming back to the ball, it is slow through the air, drifting in towards the leg stump.Dhawan kneels and goes for the sweep but his head falls over and he fails to get on top of the bounce. The ball skies towards Lakmal at deep square leg who looks somewhat jittery due to the hazy conditions.Sandakan comes round the wicket and floats it around off. Kohli goes back to flick it but is surprised by the spin that beats him and strikes him on the back leg in front of the stumps. Kohli wears a surprised look on his face as he widens his eyes post that decision. As seen often in the game, a break affects the concentration of the batsman and in this case, Ashwin is the one paying the price for it.

There were those odd chances but he did capitalize on them till this moment. The ball flies towards Shikhar Dhawan at third man who stays composed, gets down on a knee and takes a good low catch. The 61-run comes to an end and this is the second wicket for Ishant Sharma. Silva departs for a duck in his first international innings. Ashwin tosses this one up nicely around off and gets it to spin in sharply.Not this time though as the commentators on air mention that Perera was 2.99 meters down the track. Ishant Sharma delivers a nippy delivery around a good length outside off. Dhananjaya de Silva has been hanging on the back foot ever since he came out to bat today. He looks to defend it from the crease but is beaten on the inside and gets rapped on the back pad. There is a thin edge and Saha behind the stumps makes no mistake in taking that. Back of a length delivery in the zone of apprehension, holding its line.So, it was a matter of 1 centimeter which proved to be Perera's undoing. The hosts appeal and umpire Wilson sends the batsman on his way by raising the dreaded finger. Mind you, he was blinded by the batsman owing to the angle the bowler is bowling from. A sense of relief can be seen on the Indians' faces. Third wicket for Ishant Sharma and he has reaped the dividends for his hard work. Samarawickrama is guilty of fishing at it away from his body and ends up getting a healthy outside edge.His left shoe came out in the process but in spite of being off-balanced, he did really well to hold onto it. He couldn't keep the ball down and hits it straight to the fielder at leg gully.Perera has his hands on his head as he cannot believe how Lakmal managed to cling onto that catch. A sharp low catch by Samarawickrama there to his left ends Pujara's stay at the crease.

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End of a magnificent knock from Vijay although he should have gone on to get a deserving double ton. Dhawan throws his wicket away after a promising start.

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