Icwales co uk dating

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Icwales co uk dating

The pair are banned from gathering with large groups of people, pestering their neighbours or insulting police officers and council employees.

A Gwent Police spokesman said, "If either Mark or Peter are seen wearing hooded tops in the area specified by the Asbo they will be arrested."The maximum penalty for breaching the Asbo is two years in prison."But neighbours yesterday called on police to arrest Wainfur for flouting the Asbo.

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Wainfur, from Newport, said, "I'm never going to stop wearing hoodies.

That has seen the garment banned in many shopping centres and pubs.Shopping centres across the UK have already imposed orders banning youngsters from wearing the sweat Now Wainfur, 20, is risking two years in jail because he says he will refuse to stop wearing his hoodies.He yesterday vowed to carry on wearing his hooded tops - because he says he has nothing else in his wardrobe to wear.The ban, if imposed, would be the first of its kind in a British city and would be designed to crack down on anti-social behaviour.A Welsh inventor has even come up with an "anti-hoodie" device which gives shopkeepers a way to drive youngsters away from their shop fronts.

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