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Geology relative dating activity

bar-finger sand - An elongated lens of sand deposited during the growth of a distributary in a delta.

The bar at the distributary mouth is the growing segment of the bar finger.

atoll - A continuous or broken circle of coral reef and low coral islands surrounding a central lagoon.

autochthonous - Refers to something formed in its present location. backwash - The return flow of water down a beach after a wave has broken.

amphibole - group of generally dark-colored rock-forming inosilicate minerals, composed of double chain Si O), less mafic than basalt, but more mafic than dacite; rough volcanic equivalent of diorite.anorthosite - An igneous rock predominantly composed of plagioclase feldspar (90–100%), and a minimal mafic component (0–10%).Anorthosites constitute the light-colored areas of the Moon's surface.angle of repose - The steepest slope angle in which particular sediment will lie without cascading down.angstrom - A length of 10 meter or one hundred millionth of a centimeter. angular unconformity - An unconformity in which the bedding planes of the rocks above and below are not parallel.

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astrobleme - A circular erosional feature that has been ascribed to the impact of a meteorite or comet.