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It was a definite time determined by God and would be the foundation for succeeding generations of Israel.The same can be said of the generation when Israel returns to the land in the latter days. 100 = bondage The Bible mentions several different periods that define a complete generation. When God gave the covenant to Abraham in Genesis ,16, He told him that his seed (the Hebrew people) would be in bondage in Egypte for 400 years, but in the 4th generation, they would come out. 40 = testing A second period of determining a biblical generation is 40 YEARS.Therefore, one definition of generation is that it refers to a particular people with their characteristic lineage and identifying traits, which distinguish them from all other races of people.When the Lord Jesus used the word Generation in , He was referring to the Jewish people identified by their particular religion and culture symbolized by the Fig Tree.Unless the Holy Spirit imparts the revelation or understanding, it is nothing but a dead letter.

The Lord used the same stipulation in reference to the Hebrew people who came out of Egyptian bondage and their wilderness experience in The generation of Israel that experienced the exodus from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the receiving of the Law on Mount Sinai, and all the miraculous events of that period, no other generation would again experience.It is a specific period that will usher in the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” to the Jewish people and tribulation to the Gentile world. When God led Israel out of Egypt, He intended that they enter the promise land and conquer the Canaanites, but instead of obeying Him, they sent 10 spies to survey the land who reported that the inhabitants were too strong for them to conquer.The Lord Jesus said it would be a time unlike any generation before or after it. Because of disobeying God, they were required to spend 40 years in the wildernis (a year for a day that the ten spies spied out the land).According to the Torah (The Law), an Israeli male could not go to war until he was 20 years of age (Numbers 1:3).Therefor, when all the men of war had either been killed or died by the age of 60 (a 40 year period), God brought Israel out of the wilderness into the Promised Land.

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Notice in Vine’s definition of generation, he says it signifies a BEGETTING OR BIRTH.

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