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Dating motivation

This is mostly because men have a biological imperative to seek out new partners to impregnate all the time, and thus focussing on a specific woman isn’t actually related to channeling their sexual drive.

Now there is an “exception” here, which is the concept of pair bonding.

Now while the instructions are simple, the application is not. Interestingly enough, more women than men can stop masturbating.After masturbation, you mostly get dopamine, which can dramatically throw off your mental state (especially if you masturbate a lot). Well, there’s no concrete data available, but our best guess is that the presence of a woman has something to do with hormone release, and that both are somewhere in-between masturbation and intercourse.After you have sex, be sure to take zinc supplements.We suspect that this is because at time of writing, there just weren’t as many women climbing corporate ladders and achieving awesome things as there are today, so Hill had no reference point.There may also have been less understanding about the nature of female desire and libido in Hill’s time.

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Welcome to part 4 of our series on sex, productivity and motivation.

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