Dating matt staines uranium lead dating accuracy

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Dating matt staines

Shame a few nice touches have gone, namely decoration on sidewalls in screens 9 and 10.Screen variable masking not used any more meaning film doesen't always fill screen leaving white borders.The barons assembled there before they met King John at Runnymede in 1215, and Stephen Langton held a consecration there shortly after the issue of Magna Carta.Sir Thomas More was tried in 1535 in a Staines public house, to avoid the outbreak of plague in London at that time. Additional information: The Victoria County History of Staines (1962) is available online.

Census records from 1841 to 1891 are also available on film through a Family History Center or at the Family History Library.The town is within the western bounds of the M25 motorway and located 17 miles west south-west of Charing Cross in London.It is within the London Commuter Belt of South East England and the built-up Greater London Urban Area. Evidence of neolithoic settlement has been found at Yeoveney, on Staines Moor. There are places of worship for Baptists, the Society of Friends, and Independents.Birth, marriages and deaths were kept by the government, from July 1837 to the present day.

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The civil registration article tells more about these records.

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