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The project presented some unique challenges, including a short turnaround time to complete the concept and design, a unique 8.5 inch size and setting the look and tone for the other nine releases.

The first one is available for pre-order from Bandcamp.

A full website is nearly complets, and will be going live soon.

Etheria Sparrow’s debut “Journey to Etheria” will be released later this year and features another Factory Portland designed album cover.

)” and was directed by Factory Portland creator Stephen Quirk.

The video was shown as part of the 2012 Portland Maine Film Festival.

2011 was a year filled with projects and collaborations with several Maine artists…

Earlier this year, we added the Maine music video page to the website.

The awards will be presented March 9, 2012 at Hard Rock Café Boston and feature performances from Ron Noyes Band, Jen Kearney, Frank Viele and The Manhatten Project, Mission Hill, and Twin Berlin.

There are currently 114 videos spotlighting the amazing talent of Maine’s music scene.

We created a “Music from the State of Maine” group on Soundcloud, which is open for any Maine artist to submit their work.

Could you tell me about any current projects, performances, or recordings?

As far as projects go, I am working on training a new bassist for my band, Superorder. All things considered I’d say that I’m currently working at what will one day be my most memorable non-musical job: bartending and serving at Boda. Example: just last week I caught a guy eating cat treats at the bar on his birthday.

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The other gig was a couple years ago with my band, Superorder, at Waranimal’s Winter Beach Ball at Space Gallery.

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