Dating a bedwetter

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Dating a bedwetter

Charlene explains she will put a child over her knee for a spanking if needed.Charlene makes anyone staying the night sleep in a diaper and plastic pants to protect her new bed in the guest room.Mother is unhappy about his choice of friends.“That is how I feel and I am pleased you can take the job,” Shelly said, “today is Friday and I left work early.” “A couple of us hair stylists are attending a hair stylist convention in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend.”Shelly is happy to hear this and explains Brian does have occasional bad behavior.That can be handled with a little discipline but Shelly wants Brian watched to be sure he does not hang out with the older boys and get in more trouble.Charlene is hired for a day during the week, which is an hour for 8 hours.Fortunately a hair stylist makes a good income including her tips.

A garage with laundry room is also part of this home. Johnson divorced his wife when Brian was 16 years old.The Johnson family lives in the suburbs in a 3 bedroom home.The home is located on a half-acre lot with a 6’ wood fence around the property.Charlene Sutton lives a few lots down the street and Shelly does her hair once every 2 months. Charlene received a large inheritance from her grandparents. One day recently while Shelly was working she got a call from the Police.Brian is hanging around bigger kids and they did vandalism. He is taken into custody but mom can pick him up with no charges filed.

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The boys broke a window throwing rocks at a neighbor’s house.