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If you're looking for something serious, consider those warning signs.

"One of the things that shows the progression in a relationship is meeting people who are significant to you or your partner," De Alto said.

CLUE #4 Craig adores a video of himself attired in a Playboy waitress outfit--one-piece woman's black bathing suit, bunny tail. He curses as he's refused admission to a Playboy party in Miami. As a writer, I was immediately soothed by Craig's ear for language. I suddenly remembered two good films (written by, produced and starring Craig Ferguson.) In "The Big Tease" he's a gay Glasgow hairdresser who goes to Hollywood in search of glory at a hairstyling contest. Craig is brainy observer--and maniacly fast on his feet.

From breadcrumbing to zombie-ing, even we're confused at this point, so here's a glossary to help you keep things straight.

His substance addictions ended after he woke up sometime in the 1980's with a sore ass (presumably from drugs??!?? (Most recently Craig astonishingly called Tom Cruise "a virgin"--actually it's the first I heard that--but it computes.

Or is he formerly gay-- back in his druggy and alcohol-fueled youth in the mean streets of Glasgow. That's the way you've teasingly described your sexuality and that of others such as David Beckham.

Disappearing without warning after a series of dates or romantic correspondences.

Presenting yourself in an overly positive light on the internet, by lying about your height or posting a photo from when you were a few years younger, for example.

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Have you ever dated someone for a few months, but wondered why you hadn't met any of his or her friends? While the term might be new, the practice certainly isn't.

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