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So, I could have driven on…I could have (proceeded) home because I was tired. I called the police and got my husband to talk with neighbors.

Host: award-winning, SE Missouri broadcast icon, Faune Riggin Popular Science Radio Hosts Alan Taylor & Dr.I’m exceedingly passionate about my work but even my passion couldn’t keep me from being a bit worn out.What I’m trying to do—change the world for the better—is quite daunting, especially when our national leaders say and do things that further marginalize humans from many communities.This makes many people afraid, and I myself fear, making many less likely to be open to what I have to say since I—Ellie the trainer—am “other” in this society of ours.Hence, I was a bit down on Thursday morning as I prepared for the last training of the week.

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Stoskopf, broadcast nationwide from Los Angeles April 20, 2013 Sunday Edition, Commentary Page .

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