1 year dating anniversary gift suggestions belgium dating romance

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1 year dating anniversary gift suggestions

Over the past few weeks readers have had a burning question...what do you do when a friend or loved one returns a seemingly unwanted gift you gave them?If they come, share with them, and if they never do who cares.You're having an amazing experience and the opportunity to invite others still exists.

Hurt that can be greatly squelched if only the question of why was answered.If you have a true friendship with this person there will be time enough to give other gifts.One other thing to consider is the power of being positive in both your thinking and speech.If you haven't come to fully accept yourself with both light and dark facets and feelings, how can you possibly like and respect yourself?This issue sets you up for having to buy another's love with gifts, gestures and behaviors that consistently place another's desires and needs before your own." Accept the return gracefully and if you value the relationship, keep it going until the person sees you as a good, trustworthy person who is giving gifts out of generosity and true care.

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They also might feel you're trying to buy their affection (which never works by the way! If you think this is the case save the gift and give it later, if you can, once the relationship has progressed.